Association For Intelligent Transport Systems, India is a registered not-for-profit organization working towards the development and deployment of ITS in India since 2001. AITS, India is a forum that brings Government, Academia and Industries together to focus on visions set- up by the Government and direct Research and Development for implementing visions in the field of ITS.


1. Initiate development and implementation projects with the necessary support and coordination of AITS.
2. Participate in deployment initiatives.
3. Develop an ITS strategy that takes into account the overall Indian strategy and thus reduces risk.
4. Actively participate in AITS-organized National and worldwide events to promote ITS.

JOIN AITS, INDIA AND BE RECOGNIZED AS AN IMPORTANT ITS PLAYER You can be recognized as an essential ITS player and contribute to the future of transportation in India, while promoting your interests in intelligent transportation systems, in the following areas:

1. Vision and strategy
2. Research and development
3. Partnerships, operational tests
4. Deployment of strategic and showcase Projects
5. Innovative procurements
6. Public/private partnerships
7. Training/education
8. Consumer awareness
9. Standards development